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ntroducing performance PERFORMER CHIKI!
Skills that do not cease to fascinate the audience, where I appeared
in a variety of stages, from the street to the venue Bridal. Here is a
performance that can not be expressed only in CHIKI!

Please CONTACT offers from your job.

SHOW ショー形式

Venue and stage appearances

I do collect performance attract customers. You can liven up the event and more, by deploying a show that fits in the theme parks, such as festivals and, at that location.

Street performance

I do take into account all the performance, such as the number of attracting customers and ensure the passage. Style amused unspecified number of customers on the spot.

FESTIVAL フェスティバル

Performance on the stage that has been fixed venues. From smaller ones, such as local festivals, to a large event where people gather from all over the venue There are various of capacity. Expand the show to get a feel surprise and excitement from children to the elderly, regardless of age.

STREET ストリート

It is done in true guerrilla style, such as the street and the street, as well as the thrill of street performers. Juggling and dance performance unfolds, I legs to attract passers-by stop at once. Do street performances not only in Japan but also in many parts overseas, PERFORMER CHIKI has an excellent reputation.

WEDDING ウェディング

Important wedding memorable, PERFORMERCHIKI performs special show. With laughter and excitement, dramatized warm body and soul, instead of a memorial memories even more special day.

OK in tight spaces!

I can format and street performers, Puffy performance from the least 1m × 1m. It is OK in a wide range of space that can be moved around, of course.

360 degrees, you can enjoy from any angle!

You can see the performance from all directions in the round performer. Is one of the characteristic of such techniques are also PERFORMER CHIKI amuse guests around!

Content other than show

WORKSHOP ワークショップ

You can experience the skills of a professional!

Workshop until the full-fledged magic from simple magic, magic that will teach you on request. Please note that we can not teach magic use tools ambitious.

MEDIA メディア

Do not you hired performers attention now?

Are accepted at any time to various media appearances and interviews show TV, CM, and magazines. Also, please contact us in advance for the use of such videos that are posted to YOUTUBE.

On request of the performance

Request from that! "Performance in the event you want ask", and to question, "How much? Cost" please feel free to contact us at PERFORMER CHIKI first. Events and festivals that liven up your plan!